JUV Media SDK - pure Java API to read/write media file containers, decode audio/video stream, play media stream.


  • Media containers: AVI (*.avi), FLV (*.flv), Matroska/WebM (*.mkv, *.webm), MpegTS (*.ts), MP4 (*.f4v, *.mov, *.mp4, *.3gp), OGG (*.ogg); Video container: H.262 stream, H.263 stream, H.264 stream, IVF, Qcif, Y4M
  • Audio decoders: AAC, MP3, Opus, Vorvis
  • Video decoders: H.263, H.263 Sorenson, H.264, Flash ScreenVideo1, Flash ScreenVideo2, Microsoft RLE, QuickTime RLE, TechSmith ScreenCapture, VP8
  • Media Player framework
  • UI Components: JVideoScreen for Swing, JfxVideoScreen for JavaFX
  • Lightweight: 450KB jar with no dependencies
  • Java5 or later compatible (Android compatible)

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Latest release

  • 2017-10-01 JUV Media SDK 0.6