JUV RTSP/RTP Researcher

JUV RTSP/RTP Researcher is a RTSP/RTP protocol sniffer/debugger application for Win/Mac/Linux.


  • RTSP (RFC 2326) / RTP (RFC 3550) / SDP (RFC 2327) protocols support
  • Millisecond accurate performance timings and network level data
  • Three ways to debug: TCP/IP Relay Server, Sniffer (based on libpcap), *.pcap file parser
  • RTSP method invocations, RTP/RTCP packets info
  • Export session data to the CSV file

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Why do you need JUV RTSP/RTP Researcher?

The ability to view the RTSP interaction between the client and server is crucial to the following areas:

  • Trouble shooting
  • Performance tuning


Latest release

  • 2012-11-01 JUV RTSP/RTP Researcher 0.9 Beta